Respecting Your Privacy

Respecting Your Privacy

StagBoiz respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data.

Does StagBoiz monetize personal data with third-party advertisers?

No. StagBoiz does not monetize personal data for our own benefit, unlike other social media platforms. Your content and data belong to you. We do not sell any personal data to third-party advertisers.

If StagBoiz doesn’t sell personal data to third-party advertisers, why do I have to share my ID and other information?

We collect information to keep you safe. We need to know who is using our platform and how they are using it. StagBoiz collects data to verify the age and identity of Fans and Creators and to allow payment for services to StagBoiz and Creators.

What types of personal data does StagBoiz have?

We ask for data to verify identity, among other things. You may find a list of the types of data we collect by reviewing our Privacy Policy.

How does StagBoiz use personal data?

We strive to ensure the content can be enjoyed by everyone, and to keep the content in line with our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and various laws and regulations. Personal data is required to keep users safe, enforce our Terms of Service and improve the user experience. We do not monetize personal data.

How does StagBoiz obtain personal data?

We ask for your personal data and use our service providers to verify identity when you open an account.

Who does StagBoiz share personal data with?

We share personal data with third parties to ensure the safety of our users and as required by law, including to: our service providers, affiliated entities, government agencies, regulators, law enforcement, and certain non-governmental organizations (NGO) such as National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

What personal data does StagBoiz share?

We have shared the following types of personal data with third parties to ensure safety and fulfill our legal obligations:
  • With service providers, identifiers such as name, address, email address, government ID, IP address, bank account numbers and posted content.
  • With other users, identifiers such your account name and posted content.

How long do you retain personal data?

We retain your personal data for six months after you close your account, and certain personal data for longer, as described in our Privacy Policy. Some laws require us to retain certain information for up to seven years.

May I request that StagBoiz delete my personal data?

Users in certain jurisdictions have the right to request that we delete any personal data that we have in line with applicable law, our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, Creator and Fan Agreement, Privacy Policy and any other policies and procedures that cover personal data and content.

How does StagBoiz protect personal data?

We safeguard our systems to protect personal data. Those safeguards include encrypting the sensitive personal data we store, backing up personal data, and testing the effectiveness of our safeguards.
While we strive to protect all personal data, we do not make guarantees, including about the security of how you provide your data to us.

Does StagBoiz have a Data Protection Officer?

Yes, we have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who responds to questions, requests, and concerns in relation to our Privacy Policy and our use of personal data.

Does StagBoiz track its users across the web?

We currently do not use any cross-site tracking technologies. You may find information about how to block or reject certain tracking technologies in our Cookie Notice.

May I prevent StagBoiz from receiving location information about me?

If you want to limit or prevent us from collecting your location information, you can deactivate location services in your device or software settings. Please refer to your device manufacturer or operating system instructions for directions on how to do this.

May I allow StagBoiz to sell my personal data?

We do not sell your personal data, as we explain in our Privacy Policy.

May I opt out of communications from StagBoiz?

Yes, you may opt out at any time by following the opt-out link or other unsubscribe instructions provided in any email message received, or by changing your notification preferences in account settings. You may also email us at Please include "Opt-Out" in the subject line and your name and the email address you used to sign up for communications in the body of the email.

Where can I find the complete StagBoiz privacy policy?

The StagBoiz Privacy Policy can be found here.

Who may I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy and/or how we process personal data, please contact us at