Assisting Law Enforcement

Assisting Law Enforcement

Keeping our community safe is a priority for StagBoiz. Having a close working relationship with law enforcement in all jurisdictions in which we operate is a key part of our efforts to keep our community safe.

I am a member of law enforcement. How do I contact StagBoiz?

We have a dedicated team which responds to requests for information or assistance from law enforcement. We have a specific guide in place to help Law Enforcement to contact us, which can be found here.

How does StagBoiz work with law enforcement?

StagBoiz help law enforcement in many ways, including:
  • helping them to investigate suspected criminal activity
  • providing certified records in court proceedings
  • reporting suspicious or illegal actions where appropriate or necessary
  • sharing best practices on identifying suspicious/illegal activity online
  • helping them to shape policy on online safety and harm prevention and detection techniques, including age and user verification and content moderation.

What information does StagBoiz provide to law enforcement?

We review every piece of content uploaded onto our platform, and we collect detailed information from Fans and Creators to keep our community safe.
There is no end-to-end encryption on StagBoiz, and user data is made available so as long as law enforcement has the right to receive the information they are requesting, StagBoiz can provide detailed and actionable information regarding potential suspects or victims of crime. This information may include (if available):
  • Legal name
  • Username
  • Profile URL
  • Email address
  • IP information
  • Telephone number
  • Billing address
  • Payment and billing transaction data
  • Credit card information (must include first six and last four numbers of the credit card, dates and times of suspected transactions, and the legal name of the account holder)
  • Content and messaging information
This helps law enforcement to investigate and take action against criminal actors and to support victims of crime.

How quickly does StagBoiz handle requests from law enforcement?

We have a dedicated team which reviews and responds to all requests for assistance and information from law enforcement.
If there is an imminent threat of death or serious physical injury to a person , this is immediately escalated to Senior Management and dealt with immediately.
We aim to respond to all non-urgent law enforcement requests within 24 to 48 hours.

How often does StagBoiz receive requests for assistance from law enforcement?

We track and publish the number of requests for assistance which we receive from law enforcement. This information is in our Transparency Reports.

How can law enforcement access user information/content which is behind the StagBoiz paywall?

The StagBoiz paywall is in place to keep our community safe by ensuring that people who have not completed our onboarding process cannot access content, and to ensure Creators maintain control of their content.
However, we know that law enforcement and non-governmental organizations may need access to information which is behind the paywall. If a member of law enforcement requires any such information, please follow our guidance for Law Enforcement.

How do I report suspected illegal content to StagBoiz?

Each post and account on StagBoiz has a report button. If you see any content on StagBoiz which you suspect could be illegal, please immediately click the report button. In addition, you can report suspected illegal content by emailing